Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Collective Nouns

I recently found myself looking up the collective noun for dragons (it's "flight", apparently, but also "weyr" or "wing"), and it occurred to me that as language evolves we must lack collective nouns for countless modern words.

We have collective nouns for certain groups of people.

A faculty of academics.
A troupe of acrobats.
A crew of sailors.
A worship of writers (which does seem odd).

But how would you describe a collection of programmers? A class of programmers? Possibly, if they were object orientated programmers. A geek of programmers? A compilation of programmers?

What about other groups? There may already be collective nouns, but I couldn't find any.

I did find someone suggesting "an absence of waiters", which is great.

A tremble of bungee jumpers?
A swindle of bankers?
A conceit of tweeters? (Or bloggers, or even writers for that matter.)
A fiddle of politicians?
A delay of pharmacists?
A ruckus of drummers?
A surfeit of councillors?
An impediment of Health and Safety officers?

Any other suggestions gratefully received.


Neal Asher said...

I'd go with a 'corruption' of politicians.

Jack Deighton said...

A code of programmers.

Anonymous said...

a buggery of conservatives.
a frippery of liberals.

Robert Jackson said...

A wunch of bankers

Joe the Revelator said...

A trial of lawyers.

This is fun.

crackedmind said...

a gaggle of phone salesmen?